Saturday, June 22, 2013

Multi Color ID for Nuke!

I have made my first Gizmo for Nuke and it is naturally Multi Color ID that combines the RenderID and Coverage pass from the VRay for Maya Render Elements.

It was a good experience to recreate it in Nuke and it handles a lot quicker in Nuke than in Fusion.

Feel free to use! Download here:

Practial information:

I am using Adapative DMC sampling and Linear Workflow. This Gizmo is Nuke 6 and above.


  1. Thank you ! I will try to use it ,Coverage is hard use for me~~

  2. Tried it, As some of us rendering things with black background(which means nothing in the back ground), the black back ground of the ID Channel will be count as one of the selected colors, because all the ID01 ID02 and so on are assigned a black color which is default, I am wondering if you can make just one ID slot, and provide a button that can add another slot if needed?

  3. thanks. it worked perfectly. You rock!

  4. hi,
    how do I install and run the script ? pl help a novice to nuke but really need this .

  5. Thanks.Perfect!!!!

  6. Tks a lot man, u are amazing!!!!!