Saturday, June 22, 2013

Multi Color ID for Nuke!

I have made my first Gizmo for Nuke and it is naturally Multi Color ID that combines the RenderID and Coverage pass from the VRay for Maya Render Elements.

It was a good experience to recreate it in Nuke and it handles a lot quicker in Nuke than in Fusion.

Feel free to use! Download here:

Practial information:

I am using Adapative DMC sampling and Linear Workflow. This Gizmo is Nuke 6 and above.

Monday, April 22, 2013

RenderID and Coverage combined in updated macros for Fusion

Hi there. I updated my macros for lighter comps. Instead of having just one that combines 20 masks I have made four different ones suitable for the job of simply combining either, 2, 5, 10 or 20 masks.I also cleaned it up a bit. I hope you use it. Enjoy! (contains all four below)

http://www.thomasban...t_02_tb.setting (contains two color ID's)
http://www.thomasban...t_05_tb.setting (contains five color ID's)
http://www.thomasban...t_10_tb.setting (contains ten color ID's)
http://www.thomasban...t_20_tb.setting (contains twenty color ID's)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Canon 600d

It's my blooog and I'll rant if I want to..
Rant if I want toooo..

Canon 600d can only shoot pictures in 16:9 if you are using the Liveview mode. And then you get two cheap lines to indicate the cropping lines but no black borders so you actually see what you are shooting. I know it is two years since it came out but I am appalled and red hot annoyed that I can not shoot photos in 16:9 with my new semi pro camera in the year 2013 without bullshit.

600d is a great camera if you can live with its 16:9 handicap. Do I really have to start saving for a new camera again? Yes.