Friday, January 6, 2012

Old CGI stuff from 2001

Going through my library of old cgi pics I have done I found several head of head shaking quality and a couple of pics that actually has some good qualities.

This one is from 2001 and I actually don't think I have composited it more than the Effects panel allowed me in 3DSMax R4. It was never used but made in connection with a project called Laureline é Valerian (based on the famous french comic book).

The second one is a simple picture with the Centauri cruisers in close formation. I like the grey backround and the lighting. I believe this is also from around 2001,  maybe earlier.

The third picture is a spaceship which I designed and built and is rather funky to look at. Not very detailed but I like the fattyness of its shape. What the picture doesn't show is the many thrusters on its backside that has a nice orange glow. Reminds me of a ship from the show Farscape. This is also from around 2001.

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